Who we are


We are a team of individuals with more than 20 years in the construction, real estate industry and military veteran. Having been victims of burglaries in the past, we truly understand the heartache that comes with the feeling of being violated by a burglar. And because we know that there may be more at stake than just a few personal items, we put our all into each and every single project. It is our military background that gives us a special attention to detail when it comes to fighting the war on crime and the safety of your family.


Like any business, we want to be successful. However, we don’t simply measure our success by the number of clients or revenue. We measure our success by the number of lives we are able to impact by making the world a safer place and how much we are able to contribute to those in need. This is why we train and employ disabled veterans as iVault installers.


The iVault team is working around the clock with leading engineers and law enforcement to stay current on the latest technology in home and personal security, as well as the latest trends in crime. Because we are always looking for the best means to protect your family, researching, developing and testing innovative ways to ensure your safety is a key component of our business model. We sincerely believe if criminals are watching and studying the best method to rob you of your precious valuables, we must be just as diligent in staying two steps ahead of them. If you have or know of an innovative security product or service that you would like to discuss with us, please contact us at info@iVaultUSA.com