iVault Home Protection does more than simply deter burglars as traditional home security companies and home alarms, it is one of the first home protection company to essentially turn your existing doors into security doors to actually STOP BURGLARS FROM ENTERING YOUR HOME IN THE FIRST PLACE. This is done by seamlessly reinforcing the door jambs to make the doors kick proof.

Our reinforcement products are hidden from plain sight to never take away from the lovely décor of your home like burglar bars and security doors, while providing the same protection at a fraction of the cost.

The home is the treasure chest of living and we are here to protect it.

What is iVault

iVault stands for invisible vault. What do we mean when we say we turn your home into an “invisible vault”? iVault is one of the first companies to offer homeowners the same means of protection commercial properties have utilized for decades. We do this by installing a discrete metal bar inside the doorjambs to prevent kickins. Our products provide the protection you desire, without the bulky expensive iron bars you don’t.

Door Reinforcement

Do you know the only thing standing between your precious family, worldly possessions and an intruder is a small 1/2″ piece of wood in the door frame surrounding the lock. This tiny piece of wood is no match for a determined robber. Let our skilled technicians make your door kick-proof by installing a metal Door Reinforcement Kit to the door jambs of your home.

Residential Door Before Installation

Residential Door After Installation


According to statistic, in the last 5 years, home break-ins have been increasing on average by more than 5-10% each year. As reported in the video, some areas in GA are up by 60%. This leaves homeowners wondering are they truly safe in their own homes. Alarm systems are not meant to prevent break-ins, but are only a means to deter burglars from invading your home. What happens when alarms are no longer a deterrent to brazen intruders? This is exactly the case with many of today criminals. It’s recently been reported that criminals are purchasing home security systems to learn how to disarm them and figure how much time is allotted for deactivation in order to plan the perfect getaway. This is why the average burglary only takes 4 – 5 minutes max to completely rob a home of all your precious valuables before the cops arrive. Not to mention that your home is supposed to protect some things you can’t put a price on, YOUR FAMILY. Let iVault help you not to become a statistic.

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I first learned about iVault and and their door security device after one of the company’s reps came to my door. He was very friendly and the way he explained to me how it worked and after watching a video from the website, it made sense to buy in order to help me and my family feel more safe and secure in our home.  Especially considering that there have some break-ins around the neighborhood within the last couple of months. The install was quick and clean. Thanks iVault!

Sheila Martin
Decatur, Ga

Video Testimonial

My mom’s house was recently broken into. The burglars kicked in the front door and took her flat screen TV and a few other items. My mom was an emotional wreck after seeing her home violated and for a while she was scared to stay at home alone. I’m thankful she wasn’t home at the time of the breakin but now I feel better when she is alone with the iVault device on the door.

Michael Wilson
Atlanta, Ga